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Tough Minded. Tenderhearted. Transformed Nonconformist.


Too Busy to Pray: The Freedom for Pastoral Ministry

November 3, 2014/Church and Community/2 Comments

There have been a few writers who maintain that pastors are generalists. We must do…

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“Death Be Not Proud”: A Brief Word on #MikeBrown

September 1, 2014/Church and Community/1 Comment

  Eloquent words escaped me. Yes, I tweeted about the horror of Mike Brown’s death,…

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Hamer, Don’t Hurt ‘Em: Time for a Mississippi Freedom Republican Party?

July 2, 2014/Church and Community/1 Comment

  Fifty years ago brave and noble black Mississippians stood up to a totalitarian government…

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Introduction to Christian Ethics: A Cade Chapel MB Church Lecture Series

May 21, 2014/Church and Community/2 Comments

I’m honored to lead a lecture series on Christian ethics beginning tonight at Cade Chapel…

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Why I Still Believe in Jackson

April 23, 2014/Church and Community/2 Comments

The following post was originally published in the Jackson Free Press under the title “Jackson:…

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Love. Truth. Integrity: The Definition of Sound Leadership

April 12, 2014/Church and Community/1 Comment

  Love and truth form a good leader; sound leadership is founded on loving integrity.…

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